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99024 The Science of Sampling - TRAINING ON DEMAND

This course is presented by Rebecca Labranche of A&L Laboratory. It was recorded on 12/10/20 during MRWA's 40th Annual Technical Conference & Trade Show. Topics in this course include:

  • Importance of proper sampling
  • Preparing for sampling in the field (Appropriate coolers, sample collection bottles, field test kits)
  • Field Measurements (Temp, pH, Chlorine etc…)
  • Collection of the sample (various bottles & Procedures like last year)
  • Completion of the paperwork (proper sample site, date and time, record field measurement)
  • Delivery to the laboratory ( in house or certified lab – hand delivery, shipping) Get it there on time and properly preserved
  • Understanding your Test Results
  • Data delivery to the Drinking Water Program (overview of how I report the results and how they can view them online)

Approved for 1.5 TCHs for Water Operators and 1 TCH for Wastewater Operators.

Non-Member Price: $55
Member Price: $45