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Membership categories are determined by the number of total service connections. For example, if a campground had 2 connections, the total connections would be two, and the appropriate member category would be 0-100. If a joint utility had 60 water connections and 60 sewer connections, the total number of connections would be 120, and the the 101-250 membership category would be appropriate.


1 - 100 Connections:  $280.25
101 - 250 Connections:  $552.50
251 - 500 Connections:  $581.25
501 - 750 Connections:  $876.50
751 - 1,000 Connections:  $981.25
1,001 - 2,000 Connections:  $1,333.75
2,001 - 3,000 Connections:  $1,372.00
3,001 - 4,000 Connections:  $1,410.00

Because we are a state affiliate of National Rural Water Association, our charter prohibits systems serving more that 10,000 people from voting. However, we feel strongly that membership should not be exclusive, and larger systems are encouraged to participate. In fact, we have recently created a seat on our Board of Directors for non-voting members.

Public water and wastewater systems, including camps, campgrounds, schools, businesses, water districts & departments, utility districts, wastewater treatment collection systems, and wastewater treatment facilities.

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Non Voting

The Maine Rural Water Association is a state affiliate of National Rural Water Association, and as such, our charter prohibits systems serving more than 10,000 people from voting during the MRWA Annual Meeting. However, because we strongly feel ALL systems should have a voice in Maine Rural Water, we amended our bylaws to permit a large system to have a dedicated seat on the Board. 


4,001 - 5,000 Connections:  $2,076.50
5,001+ Connections:  $ 2,115.00

All water and wastewater utilities exceeding 4,000 service connections are encouraged to join MRWA and participate in our industry - leading training programs and conferences. We also welcome larger utilities to sit on MRWA committees and participate in all aspects of the Association.  From our perspective, the experiences of one utility will be insightful to another, regardless of utility size.  

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Associate members play a critical role in the framework of Maine Rural Water. They are business and professional firms
that are committed to working with, and improving, the water and wastewater industries in the State of Maine. In addition to supporting the valuable work that MRWA does, an associate membership comes with tangible benefits.

Some of those include:

  • Discounted training costs on MRWA classes
  • Discounted booth space at our conference (at least $300 off)
  • Inclusion in our membership directory that is sent to utilities across the state
  • Discounted ad space in our bi-annual publication “the Mainestream”
  • Your logo and link on our website as well as the ability to advertise open positions on our site for free.

The cost of an annual associate membership is $743.25.  

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