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99033 An Overview of Leak Detection and Line Locating - TRAINING ON DEMAND

PIPE LOCATING - This class will cover the basic theory of pipe locating for both water and sewer utilities including Ground Penetrating Radar. Topics include: how pipe locators work and how to troubleshoot difficult locates, the reasons for multiple frequencies and when to use which, how to handle and avoid bleed off and distorted signals, tools for plastic pipe locating, and how GPR works and when it is/when it is not a viable tool.

LEAK DETECTION - Topics include: basics of water leak detection, how to use sound to locates leaks in pipes, and alternatives to acoustic leak detection.

Speakers: Eric Denslow - Eastcom Associates, Andy Gilson & Pete Gautreau - MRWA

This course was recorded on December 8-9, 2021 during the Maine Rural Water Association's 41st Annual Technical Conference and Trade Show.

Approved for 1.5 TCHs for Water Operations.

This course is NOT approved for DEP wastewater credits.
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