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99018 Introduction to Drive Harmonics - TRAINING ON DEMAND

Larry Stanley from ABB presented this course on 12/9/20 during MRWA's 40th Annual Technical Conference and Tradeshow.

Electrical Harmonics are a form of electrical liter or contamination within your distribution system. In many instances they are misunderstood, feared or ignored. With a basic understanding of how the harmonic currents are generated, the level at which they become a concern and the resolutions for abatement the industrial or municipal user can continue to apply and use non-linear power device with confidence.

Attendees will leave with:

  • A basic definitions of harmonics and how they are generated
  • The issues that arise from excessive harmonic content
  • IEEE519 Levels at which the harmonic current becomes a concern
  • Harmonic abatement techniques

Approved for 1.5 TCHs for Water Operators.

This course is NOT approved for DEP wastewater credits.
Non-Member Price: $55
Member Price: $45