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Water and Wastewater Member Categories

Membership categories are determined by the number of total service connections.  For example, if a campground had 2 connections, the total connections would be two, and the appropriate member category would be 0-100.  If a joint utility had 60 water connections and 60 sewer connections, the total number of connections would be 120, and the the 101-500 membership category would be appropriate.

Because we are a state affiliate of National Rural Water Association, our charter prohibits systems serving more that 10,000 people from voting.  However, we feel strongly that membership should not be exclusive, and larger systems are encouraged to participate.  In fact, we have recently created a seat on our Board of Directors for non-voting members.  

Public water and wastewater systems, including camps, campgrounds, schools, businesses, water districts & departments, utility districts, wastewater treatment collection systems, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Benefits include:

  • Priority access to Circuit Rider Assistance
  • Reduced training registration fees.  
  • Access to MaineStream magazine
  • Discounted for-fee service rates
  • Access to our Membership Portal
 Member Category Membership Dues Type
 0-100 $272.16 Voting
101-250  $536.50 Voting
 251-500 $564.25 Voting
501-750 $851.00 Voting
751-1000 $952.75 Voting
 1001-2000 $1,295.00 Voting
2001-3000 $1,332.00 Voting
3001-4000 $1,369.00 Voting
 4001-5000 $2,016.50 Non-Voting
5001 + $2,053.50 Non-Voting


Associate Members

Businesses and professional firms serving water and wastewater systems are our Associate members.  This is a Non-voting membership, however, we have a seat on our Board for Associate Members to ensure the interests of this sector of our industry is represented.

Benefits include:

  • Discounts on Trade Show Booths and Training Classes
  • The opportunity to present training to our Water and Wastewater membership
  • Access to our Membership Portal

Associate Membership Dues:  $761.50