Public Water System Inspection Team Manager - Augusta, ME

Career Center,
The Maine CDC Drinking Water Program (DWP) is
seeking a Senior Health Program Manager to take
on a leadership role within the Program.

The DWP’s mission is to protect public health by ensuring that Maine citizens have access to clean, abundant drinking water.  The DWP regulates over 1,900 public water systems in the State, ranging from the largest municipal systems with complex water quality treatment to very small untreated systems. 

This position is responsible for directing, administering, and overseeing the Statewide Public Water System (PWS) Inspection Team, including enforcement and capacity development activities.  This team is responsible for field oversight to ensure the safety and reliability of public drinking water and to prevent waterborne illnesses and water supply disruptions.

The position is closely involved with the development of DWP policies and procedures, setting program goals and objectives, overseeing and evaluating program functions, directing emergency response activities, acquiring and administering grants, developing and administering budgets, writing and presenting legislative testimony, negotiating and administering contracts, directing outreach and education activities, and representing the Department to organized groups and the public statewide and nationally.  The position is a member of the DWP Leadership Team, setting direction and priorities for the Program.

Core Responsibilities

As a key member of the DWP team, your core responsibilities will include:

  • Ensuring that statewide inspection and enforcement activities adhere to the standards set forth by the EPA in their delegation of primacy to the Department and are sufficient to protect public health.
  • Managing a statewide team of professional, technical and contract staff, coordinating field and enforcement work and monitoring progress toward stated goals.  Determining how staff resources will be used to complete required tasks in an efficient and consistent manner.
  • Directing statewide outreach and education activities regarding Public Water System compliance and safe drinking water.
  • Developing and revising standard operating procedures for inspections, technical assistance, and enforcement.
  • Providing appropriate training and skills-building to ensure consistency and competency.

Minimum Qualifications

A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health or Health Sciences, Health Education, one of the Behavioral Sciences, Public Administration, or Education - AND - four (4) years’ experience in health program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation - OR - an equivalent eight (8) year combination of education, training, and experience.

Preferred candidates will also have:

  • Knowledge of federal and State laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures related to the safe and reliable provision of public drinking water.
  • Knowledge of the principles of public health related to safe drinking water, including drinking water treatment and conveyance.
  • Knowledge of information systems and program data analysis and evaluation.
  • Ability to supervise subordinate personnel, including ability to plan, organize, and delegate work and direct and evaluate personnel and activities.
  • Ability to manage a statewide health services program.
  • Ability to develop, administer, and monitor budget and grant expenditures.
  • Ability to work with individuals and groups involved in Maine’s drinking water industry.
  • Ability to prepare and complete comprehensive complex technical reports, including ability to analyze data and reach logical conclusions and make sound decisions and recommendations.
  • Ability to develop, design, and modify education and outreach programs.
  • Ability to analyze, interpret, and explain laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Ability to encourage mutual understanding, cooperation, and participation from outside sources.
  • Ability to use applicable computer programs including the SWIFT Electronic Sanitary Survey software and associated programs.

Application Information:

Please submit all documents or files in PDF format. For questions about this position, please contact Amy Lachance at (207) 557-2380.

To request a paper application, please contact

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