Photo of Maine Rural Water Association

Maine Rural Water Association

Amanda Brill
Amanda Brill Marketing & Membership Communications Manager
Allen Adams
Allen Adams Municipal Con Ops
Andy Gilson
Andy Gilson Circuit Rider - North
Brad Sawyer
Brad Sawyer Deputy Executive Director
Brandon Perry
Brandon Perry Utility Customer Service
Carter Verrengia
Carter Verrengia Utility Accounting Associate
Cathy Robinson
Cathy Robinson Rate Analyst
Chris Pangman
Chris Pangman Wastewater Circuit Rider
Christopher Pangman Wastewater Circuit Rider
Cyle Dendy
Cyle Dendy Anson-Madison Water
Dalton Pushard
Dalton Pushard Apprentice
Daphne Paulette
Daphne Paulette Financial Circuit Rider
Dave Bragdon
Dave Bragdon PT Con Ops
Dereck Archer
Dereck Archer CS Manager
Eric Nystrom
Hazen Sawtelle
Hazen Sawtelle Water Quality Specialist - North
Jason Pushard
Jason Pushard EPA T & TA
Jeff Warden
Jeff Warden Wastewater Operator B IV, Master Plumber, Local Plumbing Inspector Project Manager
Jeffrey McKenzie Bingham Water District
John Soucy FT Loring
Kate Warner
Kate Warner Source Water Program Manager
Kate Yeatts
Kate Yeatts Administrative Assistant / Implementation Specialist
Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson Apprentice Coordinator
Kenny V. San Senior Utility Customer Service Rep
Kirsten Hebert
Kirsten Hebert Executive Director
Loren Lundy
Matt Demers
Matt Demers Director of Contract Utility Services
Michael MacDonald
Penny Lowe
Pete Gautreau
Pete Gautreau Circuit Rider - South
Peter J. Joslin
Peter J. Joslin Education Director
Rob Labonte
Rob Labonte Anson-Madison Water
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall Anson-Madison Water
Steve Gagnon PT Loring
Tracey Perkins-Bergstrom
Tracey Perkins-Bergstrom Staff Accountant
Willis Emmons
Willis Emmons PT Con Ops
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