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Administrative Summit - 2023

Administrative Summit - 2023

Wednesday, October 4, 2023
8:00 AM - 3:30 PM (EDT)


Event Details

SESSION 01    ---------------------------------

Engaging the
Generational Divide

SPEAKER: David Ciullo - Career Management Associates (CMA)

You may wonder why we discuss different generations in the workplace? Many conflicts arise out of two people seeing the same situation through different lenses. Each of the 4 current generations in our workplace have different general characteristics, communication styles and needs. Understanding each of the generations can help any employee better navigate workplace relationships and interactions, as well as improve retention. In this workshop we will discuss the generational characteristics as well as how each prefers to work and communicate, to bridge the gap between the generational divides.

SESSION 02    ---------------------------------

The Rate Debate: A Comprehensive Look at
the Rate Process in Maine

SPEAKERS: Brian Tarbuck - Greater Augusta Utilities District, Stephani Morancie - Maine PUC, & Danielle Gagnon - Haverlock, Estey & Curran

This class will be a 360-degree look at the process for a utility to undertake a rate increase or change. Professionals from the Maine Public Utilities Commission, the Greater Augusta Utility District, and Haverlock, Estey & Curran will walk attendees through how to identify the need for a rate increase, how to start the conversation in your community, and ultimately how to have that new rate approved and implemented. Specific attention will be paid to the technical steps needed to properly pass and enact a new rate at your utility.

SESSION 03    ---------------------------------

Ten HR Traps for the 
Unwary Manager

SPEAKER: Peter Lowe - Brann & Isaacson

The following topics will be covered:

  • Managing employee personnel files, and how best to document
    important personnel decisions
  • Learning how to hire candidates while complying with ever increasing employment law mandates
  • Equipping supervisors on handling complaints of harassment or discrimination
  • How to manage an under performing employee who has
    medical/disability issues

SESSION 04    ---------------------------------

Functional Leadership

SPEAKERS: Benny LaPlante & Robbie Bickford - Kennebec Water District

The following topics will be covered:

  • Leadership styles and their pros & cons
  • Functional leadership model and where it fits in
  • What makes an effective leader
  • Team cohesion & importance of team building
  • Leadership trivia
  • Open discussion/ask people to talk about what they
    think makes a good leader

If you have questions, please contact our Marketing and
Communications Manager, Amanda Brill, at (207) 737-4092 ex. 423 or


Join us this October for our virtual 2023 Administrative Summit!

Welcome all superintendents, board members, and administrative professionals.


$100 Members   |   $125 Non-Members


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