Apprenticeship Program

Building Our Industry Workforce.

MRWA’s Apprenticeship Program is a nationally recognized program for candidates with limited or no experience. It is divided

into four different tracks, Water, Wastewater, Joint Water and Wastewater, and Administrative/Bookkeeping. Each apprentice is

assigned a mentor during their time in the program. Our staff will work with facilities to help select mentors, provide coaching,

and create a nationally recognized schedule of work. We will also provide the apprentice with technical training, including

certification prep for professional licensure.

Candidates can submit their information for the program through this online application:

Overview of the Work Schedule (4,000 hours over two years):

- This example applies specifically to the Water track. -

1) Tools, Equipment, and Workplace Safety (approx. 240 hours)

2) Vehicles and Specialized Equipment (approx. 100 hours)

3) System Operations and Maintenance (approx. 1920 hours)

4) Quality Control (approx. 960 hours)

5) Logistics, Reports, and Supervision (approx. 480 hours)


Employers: Community Water and Wastewater systems across Maine

Candidates: Apprentices, with limited or no experience, looking to develop as professionals

Partners: Workforce development, College & Universities, Adult Education, and partners looking to support the Water & Wastewater workforce


Sign up as an employer: Reach out to us and we can set you up as an employer in our program and help you find the right apprentice.

Candidates: Sign up to be an apprentice or refer someone you know to our positions.

Support Workforce: Connect with us to share resources or connect us with potential candidates.

Upon completion, the apprentice will have 2 years of industry experience, professional

licensure, and will have completed 288 hours of the best technical training for industry

professionals. The Joint Water and Wastewater Operator includes two years of training as

Water or Wastewater apprentice, and one additional year of training in the opposite

operator program to be considered both a Water and Wastewater Operator.